What to Do while You Are Staying at Pita Maha Resort and Spa

December 7th, 2009

What to Do while You Are Staying at Pita Maha Resort and Spa

There are many things you can do while you are enjoying your stay at Pita Maha Resort and Spa, and these activities does not require expensive or complicated additional equipment .

The top on the list is walking around the Campuhan Ridge, thanks to the strategic location of Pita Maha Resort and Spa that will enables you to enjoy the beauty of Campuhan Ridge by walking. But Campuhan Ridge is not the only thing you can enjoy by walking in Ubud, you can walk a little more and explore one of the many routes on the outskirts of Ubud who knows you will have the chance to see religious ceremony in any one of the villages that surround Ubud, the view of lush rice fields is something that you will surely find along the way.

Having an evening walk to the Ubud Palace and watching an evening traditional dance performance there is next on the list.

The last on the list but definitely not the least is a culinary tour on foot; you can sample delicious dishes in top class restaurants such as Casa Luna, Ary’s Warung, Murni’s Warung or have a bite of Nuri’s famous ribs.