Where to Go while Staying at Pita Maha Resort and Spa

December 16th, 2009

Where to Go while Staying at Pita Maha Resort and Spa

Staying at Pita Maha Resort and Spa gives you a great opportunity to visit many interesting places in Ubud area. Some places are just a walking distance. Ubud, the art center of Bali offers many beautiful and interesting places to visit. Below are some “a must visit place” in Ubud out of dozens interesting places there.

Blanco’s House

Blanco’s house is situated near Campuan suspension bridge, few minutes walk from Pita Maha Resort and Spa. A superbly theatrical house that also serves as museum contains the works of Antonio Blanco.

Neka Museum

Neka Museum is situated one km north of Pita Maha Resort and Spa with traditionally designed compound of four galleries containing the works of great Balinese artists from all periods of painting developments in Bali. The works of great painters such as Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Ida Bagus Made, Anak Agung Gede Sobrat, Kebot, Nyoman Gunarsa, Walter Spies, Rudolph Bonnet, Arie Smit, and Affandi can be found here.

Puri Saren

Puri Saren is Ubud’ s main palace, lies on the northeast comer of the town main crossroads facing the market, the exact center of Ubud, around ten-minute walk from Campuhan area where Pita Maha Resort and Spa reside. This is an elegant palace with cool nuance. Puri Saren Agung is the palace of the Sukawatis dynasty, the ruling family of Ubud since late of 19th century. Visitors are free to roam in inner courtyard of the palace to see the ornate thatched Bale (traditional house), royal heirlooms, and numerous colonial-era photographs.


Pura Saraswati

Pura Saraswati is the royal temple of Ubud. Situated near the Puri Saren Agung. The temple is a masterpiece of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad. The visitors can find a magnificent lotus pond, beautiful garden, numerous of beautifully carved Bale and shrines. This temple is dedicated to the goddess of learning, Dewi Saraswati.

Puri Lukisan

Puri Lukisan is situated near Pura Saraswati. This museum not just offers beautiful painting but also magnificent statues, a nice place to relax while enjoying beautiful work of art. A relative small museum with three large building set in exquisite garden fountain of fountains, flowering shrubs, beautiful statues and ponds. These three building set serve as a gallery pavilion. Situated in north of the main road, reached by crossing a river gully. The overall view of Puri Lukisan is befitting a palace, a very nice place to visit.